Ask Jet and Phantom

Jet: “Oh, that egg… I don’t know where it came from but I saw it last night after you and Orville fell asleep. I thought it was yours, Phantom!”

Phantom: “Well, it’s definitely not mine. I uh… Wouldn’t think it’s yours, bud. And I’m pretty sure Orville doesn’t want to be the father.”

Jet: “Can we keep the egg, Phantom? At least until someone comes to get it…!”

Phantom: Only until the parents come to get it.”

Orville: ”Aw, man. What if I am the parent…?”

Jet: “Hmm… I think we scared Orville a little.”

(( They now have an egg in their possession, which means Phantom, Jet and Orville will be watching the egg. And by that, I mean Phantom will be watching the egg. 

Also, their anon magic will be back in effect! Anon magic cancelled. ))

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