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Oracle, noticing Harmony from afar, pads over to the younger Absol and her caretakers "Hello little one," He said to Harmony before looking up to the other two. "Ah, pardon my sudden intrusion. I couldn't help but notice the little one. What sort of berries does she like? If you wish I can collect some; I've not got much else to do as of right now."

The young Absol sat in the tall grass of the clearing, lazily pawing at the dirt beneath. Jet and Phantom were close by, the two of them in the middle of a heated conversation as they usually were when they were left with nothing to do.

Harmony lifted her head when the sound of another pokemon’s footsteps grew closer. She sprung up, excited by the arrival of a potential new friend. Her grin widened as she noticed that the other was an Absol as well.

"H-Hello!" Harmony responded, her tail thumping against the ground. Jet and Phantom had noticed the new face in their clearing and moved closer to Harmony. Jet wrapped his tail around the little Absol as he always did when he was at her side. Phantom’s ears flattened when he sat beside Jet, the tips of them just touching the back of his neck. He was still not particularly fond of Absols besides Harmony, but knew that this Absol did not mean any harm.

Jet smiled down at Phantom as if to congratulate him for not acting oddly in front of an Absol for once. The Umbreon simply tilted his head and let out an irritated snort in reply. Jet just chuckled and turned his attention to the Absol in front of him.

"Hi! There’s no need to worry. You aren’t intruding at all! Visitors are always welcome!" Jet hummed a bit, the end of his tail lightly patting the ground as the other spoke. "Hm… I’m not sure which one she’s taken a liking to the most, but I know she likes Bluk berries!" He nodded to himself. "But uh, you don’t have to go out picking berries if you don’t want to! Well, I mean… Not on your own, at least!"

"We c-can…! We can g-go!" Harmony exclaimed as she wiggled with excitement. Jet unwrapped his tail and let her hop around, a little giggle escaping him while he watched her.

"So how about it?" The Flygon asked with a wide smile.

Because Harmony is presh. Also derpy Jet in the corner because he would, that fun-loving dork. <3

I KEPT FORGETTING TO POST THIS, I’M SORRY KYUJI BUT HOLY FRICK, I LOVE THIS. THIS IS GREAT. Oh gosh, you made them look adorable and aaaaaadskajagjfls >v

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Holding a small pouch with an orange and yellow stone underneath, AnonSables walked up towards the overexcited Flygon. With a smile, AnonSables said, "Hey there, Jet! I haven't seen ya in a while, kheheh! Have you gotten better at flying since the last time I saw you, kheh?"

The Flygon’s wings buzzed happily behind him as the other approached. It surely had been a while since Jet had seen AnonSables. Jet returned the Sableye’s smile and responded,”Hiya there! Hmm… Flying? Maybe! It’s hard to improve when you… don’t really know when you’re improving, aha! I don’t really pay attention!” His tail began to sway as he gestured toward Harmony, who was sleeping under the shade of a tree not far off. “I haven’t been flying much lately anyway. I’ve been down here helping take care of Harmony!” The dragon’s attention was then focused on the small pouch that AnonSables was holding. “What’cha got there?”

(( Did I hear that right? Art strike? I’m not the best writer but I’ll try this out!

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Jet: “There’s nothing in your way. Just clouds, I guess! And well, I feel like all of my worries are gone when I’m in the air. I just need to focus on flying, and nothing more.”

(( -Spinda laughing in the distance- ))

Phantom: “I’ll never find her again.”

Phantom is a taur 10/10! Anon magic over!

I hope you like it <3



[ Earth Power ]

Ongoing collection of random extremely vertical drawings of Pokemon using attacks…!

This time, Jet the Flygon from Ask Jet & Phantom..! I know he’s got a playful and lighthearted nature, but I feel he could put up a good fight if a friend was in trouble.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

With Puddi, Amarine and Goopi.

Phantom: “Best if I don’t talk about it.”

Jet: “Ahaha…”

Harmony: “Y-Yay! Hahaha!”

Phantom is a taur 9/10


Goopi: id love to! but only if i can bring my valentine with me!

Jet: “Well, of course you can! I’ll set everything up! Just be sure to make it to the clearing, aha! And if you need a ride, I can always help ya out.”


Puddi: ive never had a valentine before this will be fun

Jet:"Great! I’m sure it’ll be fun! We can play little games, and go to the lake and Harmony can join us too!"

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