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Harmony: “You have a l-little horn! It looks like m-my head blade!”

M!A Jet and Harmony are taurs 2/5

Phantom: “At least, I think she does. I know it’s not just her learning how to speak. She’s stuttering with the words she already knows. Not really sure if she’s noticed herself or not but she really enjoys music, and I don’t want her to lose her confidence if she hears herself stuttering through a song.”

M!A Jet and Harmony are taurs 1/5

Phantom: “Besides, Umbreon are built for defense. You know that saying, the best offense is a good defense… and vice versa.”

Jet: “Hey, Phantom! Can I eat your tail?”

Phantom: ”Uh, no… Are you that hungry?”

Jet: ”Hmm… It’s been a few days, yeah… I want Oran berries!”

Phantom: ”Alright. Then let’s get out of this storm first, bud.”

Jet: “My head…”

M!A Jet and Harmony are taurs: 0/5


Melissa yelped as Jet landed on her tails, the disturbance causing a surge of power to pull him off her tails… which left him hanging awkwardly over her…

imageMelissa looked back at Jet with a stern expression on her face , she did recognize who it was, the flygon who she encountered at the spa earlier, and softened her expression to a frown rather than a scowl “I’m sorry… Y-you really need to be careful not to harm a vulpix’s or ninetale’s tails… can I take a look at that lantern though? Uh… when you can get down that is… I don’t know how I did that , normally I can hardly lift more than a few books aheh…” She took the lantern she found earlier and pulled it back between her paws “and might this be yours?” she asked Jet.

Jet: “Yep! Looks like it belongs to me! Thanks, friend! So, is that lantern yours? And uh, how long do you think it’ll take to figure out how I can get down?”

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Rhonda: Hey kiddo, is this your lantern? It said that someone wanted ta be with daddy and Jet fereva.

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Harmony: “N-Now my wish will come true, right? I get t-to be with Daddy a-and Jet forever!”


Phantom: “I was just doing what was supposed to be done, ya know? Aha, I hope your wish comes true! I don’t completely know how you feel but my friend is in the same situation, as far as I can tell.”

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Phantom: “We- Er… My friend and I found her egg in our clearing and we don’t know where it came from. I just… At first I wanted for someone to come and find her but now, well, I need her to stay.”

Jet: “Are… Are you okay?”

Harmony: “It s-says 'I want to see them again.' Uh, if this isn’t y-yours then I h-have to keep looking…!”








Jet: “Here, I’ll get yours for you… And I’ll just tilt my head back… There! Hm. 'I wish to grow and learn what I'll become.' What does yours say, Harmony?”

Harmony: “Uhh…”

Jet: “I forgot how long it takes you to read. We’ll figure it out while we look for who these belong to!”